Icon Rocklear

corrective & protective coating 

There’s no other finishing product in the world that compares to Icon Rocklear, Whether you have a new or pre-owned car or boat, Icon Rocklear is the only protective and corrective transparent coating that is engineered to stand up to any and all climates and conditions worldwide.

By adding up to 4 mils of Toughlon™ infused depth, Icon Rocklear guarantees the thickest, deepest, most protected shine the industry can offer. And this protection for your car or boat is also backed up by up to a lifetime warranty against defects. Send them  your worst and their will put their money where their mouth is. Icon Rocklear is an environmental conscious alternative to repainting or refinishing your car or boat.

Very effectively will correct and protect your vehicles paint, very well priced for its value, filling in scratches without need of long paint correction adding unbelievable high gloss levels!  8 year or life time warranty options are available. Icon Rocklear doesn’t require maintenance re-coating like other brands.

It can only be applied by trained professionals and there is not that many centres that can applied it to your car or boat so far but we are pretty sure that is only a matter of time before it will start to be very successful here in Ireland, they have greet partnership program if you want to become an applicator

Color N Drive

Color N Drive

Car Ceramic Coating Kit

The kit excels in just about every way compared to other products. This genuine ceramic coating protects the car exterior with a clear coat and gives it long-lasting shine. For the DIY car owner, the complete kit is convenient, easy to apply, and gives satisfying results.

The kit is good to coat two cars with a durability that lasts for up to five years. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t require waxing the car after application.

The protection doesn’t extend to stone chips, and the box doesn’t include clay cleaning kit.



Ceramic Wax 9H

Budget-friendly and still offers some of the great features you can expect in a top-quality ceramic coating product. You don’t need much experience to apply this coating, yet the resulting finish has clarity, shine, and protection.

It has a low tag price and contains 30 percent silica. Once applied, it can last for a year with proper maintenance.

Under pressure, the coating might crack, leaving a white residue. You need to purchase an air compressor to apply it.

Ceramic Pro Ireland

CarPro Cquartz

50 ml Kit Car Coating

CarPro Cquartz Kit has undeniable qualities that deserve our honorable mention here. The kit makes coating the car a breeze and the professional results won’t need much effort on your part. With the quartz, you get a hardened layer that protects the car surface against scratching, UV, and traffic film.

It offers two-year protection with just one coating. The quartz content has extra hardness against scratches and debris.

The car requires longer preparation time and skill than with other products.

Once applied, it’s hard to remove without hazing.




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